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{Apothecary News} Introducing the Ascension Trinity Ritual Kit, with a Limited Pre-Order Sale

My heart is broken. I imagine yours is, too.

The Earth is burning. We're caging children. Black, brown, queer, trans and immigrant people face increased violence. The president just put out a message that includes a known white supremacy symbol. I don't say this to throw it in your face, but to acknowledge that whatever else is going on in our daily lives, we are struggling to hold this burden, to know how to act, and how the hell to take care of ourselves in the process. 

It's tough. I'm learning right along with you, and, I know in my heart and bones that we do have the blessing and wisdom of all that is greater than us and wishes us well to help us.

I have been working intimately with Sophia, healing up the fundamental wound of our human disconnection to the Earth and the Soul of the World. I think, perhaps, I have been doing that all my life. 

On an energetic level what we are experiencing is Sophia waking up.

Sophia, Soul of the World, is present in all matter, all bodies, all parts of the Earth and Cosmos.

She is the consciousness that is matter, that chose to incarnate in one form or another. As humans, waking up this way is optional. It's not the required path for being here on Earth.

But I know that so many of you feel in your heart and bones, as I do, that there's no other option for us. This IS what we came for, to do something different, to heal something up, to make something else possible here on Earth.

Really, I'm just sending you the biggest hug right now. Because this morning I started crying listening to an audiobook with my son, talking about the Nazis killing children with disabilities, Jewish children, Roma children in France, and knowing that our country is doing this. There are ways that I feel helpless, and what I am developing is both a kindness for that part of myself, and a determination to increasingly step forward in my own authentic, fiercely loving way.

As some of you know, the creation of this apothecary was initiated, and continues to be guided by, Spirit. I am the channel and vehicle, but it is Spirit that taps me on the shoulder and says, "Make this".

The first half of 2019 was a fallow time for the apothecary, as I turned my focus to rebirthing myself and other aspects of this work, but I'm writing today to share the beautiful sprouts that have arrived out of that fertile rest time. Two new elixirs, and an anointing oil, have come through.

Introducing the Ascension Trinity Ritual Kit, vibrational medicine and practical magic to embody our radiance and align with our divine nature in flesh and bone:

Sophia ~ Hearts Broken Open
Christos ~ Kenosis, a flower & gem elixir
Ascension, a Rose & Frankincense Anointing Oil

Through Sunday, September 8th I'm offering a limited sale on this new trinity at a special pre-order price. Each of these potions will be $25 on their own in the apothecary once they're released, but for you right now the trinity is $57.


The Sophia ~ Hearts Broken Open elixir is wisdom for the way forward with a broken heart. She gives us the courage to act powerfully, to claim rest and rejuvenation, and to deepen our connection with loved ones and community.

This potion was made during a womxn's grief ritual on the Dark Moon in Cancer at the end of July with Havasupai Quartz, Carnelian, Rose Quartz, Black Tourmaline, and Obsidian, in an F# quartz singing bowl, and comes in a base of rose and frankincense infused brandy with raw honey and spring water.*   You can read a longer description of the Sophia elixir here.



The Christos ~ Kenosis elixir was made in solo tantric ritual during the Full Moon in Aquarius this month (August). It integrates the Initiated Masculine Archetypes of King, Lover, and Warrior** with Clear Channel, and roots them in Sophia to support the healing of masculinity and the creation of a generative, fertile relationship between the masculine and feminine here on Earth. 

In addition to the essences listed above, Christos ~ Kenosis carries the energy signature of Red Jasper, Labradorite and the F# quartz singing bowl, which pertains to the heart chakra. It comes in a base of rose and frankincense infused brandy with raw honey and spring water.*   You can read a longer description of the Christos elixir here.


Ascension Rose & Frankincense Anointing Oil is medicine to awaken the wisdom body. It supports our spirit to fully root in this human form as we simultaneously wake up to the essential radiant nature of ourselves and all life.

Ascension is a handmade oleo-resin of frankincense, which is then infused with organic Damascus rose petals and essential oil. During its infusion over the course of a moon cycle, it is imprinted with the energy signature of Amethyst, Green Malachite, Ocean Jasper, Chrysocolla and Fluorite, from the New Moon in Virgo to the New Moon in Libra.

Use this sensual oil to bless yourself in daily ritual, to ease overwhelm, frustration and despair, and to support loved ones, clients and community on this path of the broken open heart. You can read a longer description of the Ascension Anointing Oil here.

Thank you for taking the time to read this far. I know our attention is pulled so many ways, and, I endeavor for my words to be a transmission of love, clarity, truth, and soul food. 

Again, this special pre-order of the Ascension Trinity is available through Sunday, September 15th (extended a week from previous date!). You can see all the details about the Ascension Trinity over here.

If you'd like to help get the word out and share with friends, I've created an 'event' on Facebook that makes it easy to share (of course you can share this blog post as well):

Ascension Trinity Pre-Order on Facebook

with love and a cracked open heart,

*All elixirs are alternately available in a base of spring water and glycerin (alcohol-free) or spring water and apple cider vinegar (sugar-free) at no extra charge.

**These Initiated Masculine Elixirs of King ~ Generative Sovereignty, Warrior ~ Fierce Love Deep Alignment, & Lover ~ Embodied Love will be re-released this fall.

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