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Apprenticed to the Body

So I have been working with my hands on people's bodies for a long time, since 2001. I was drawn to learn bodywork through my love of birth, and what I thought was a calling to be a midwife. I started with massage training at Body Electric, with the always beloved Chester Mainard; other official trainings include Reiki attunement, Visionary Craniosacral with the Milne Institute, and Biodynamic Craniosacral with Giorgia G. Milne (that lineage is where my truest heart of bodywork lies).

And, it has always been about more than "just the body". What is happening in the totality of the field, that wants affirmation IN the body as well as at every other level. I would say that I have been an apprentice to the Body, through touch, birth, sex, plant medicine, and witchery, for these last 20 years.

The last few years have been a refinement of understanding and offering somatic work around embodiment, sexuality, pleasure, power and magic. But almost always with in person work--the Body is the compass, the anchor, the sense maker.

COVID and sheltering-in-place changed all of that, of course. I started offering 'somatic triage' sessions to my community, switched my somatic clients and Empress Circle to zoom, and got the instruction to make a new essence, Great Mother Goddess. All of this deeply opened my channel beyond what I had been able/willing to hold, in the most beautiful way. It also took some integration, as it's important for me to understand how to hold and communicate these deep aspects of spirit and soul coherently.

What has emerged out of that inquiry is a deep and delicious capacity to facilitate transformation and healing at all levels, body included, from a distance. In fact, my feeling is that currently it is almost energetically safer for all involved to work this way, as the collective energy is so potent, and the tides moving are so great.

There are two 1-1 sessions I am now offering:

{note that the links will take you to my other site, Juicy Genius}


Somatic Reset Sessions are perfect when you need to be deeply held, when you have work to do on all the levels but haven't been able to go there solo, and when you need the nourishment of mothering and unconditional presence.

Dragon Egg Sessions are perfect when you feel the tension of all your "stuff" being up (wounding, coping mechanisms, strategies) AND the drive of your passion, your vision, and your dream for the mutual liberation of Self and World knocking at your door.

Not sure which is for you? No problem. If you've read both longer descriptions, just message me and I'll help you decide.

Both of these sessions are being offered at an accessible rate to make this an easy yes to offer yourself the deep care you need.

With all my mamabear, dragonhearted love,


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