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Coming Soon: The Initiated Masculine

After I created the Magdalene Trinity set last year and was listening for what was next, I knew that I wanted to make essences that supported both the sacred feminine and masculine.  The Snake Wisdom Goddesses were very clear that they were ready, and so over the fall each was made in her own proper moment.  I could feel the masculine energies beginning to whisper, but there were no clear pictures.  But, no worries.  The great thing about creating in conjunction with Spirit is that I don't have to decide! It's my job to listen, to be curious, to check things out--but if the timing's not right, it's not right.  

The picture started to fill in in December.  A dear friend of mine texted me from Ireland asking me if I wanted a stone from Lia Fail, Tara.  Naturally, I replied YES! Around the same time I remembered a book I had read and loved about 6 years ago, King, Warrior, Magician, Lover, by Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette, and realized it was the perfect fit for what wanted to come through (versus, for instance, making a parallel to the Snake Wisdom Goddess Elixirs with four gods).  

The first two essences have come through: the King, in January, as 'Generative Sovereignty', and the Lover, in February, as 'Embodied Love'.  Given the state of the world, and particularly here in the US (insert distressed/angry/sad/horrified faces here), I've decided to release these two early, because their energies are so desperately needed!  

So stay tuned <3

The Initiated Masculine Healing Essences: The King & The Lover 


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