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Enrollment Open: The Empress Circle ~ She Who Wields Power in Beauty

The return of the Divine Feminine has been marked, in large part, by the energy of the High Priestess. She tasked us to turn away from the patriarchal brainwashing and external narratives of domination and control in order to truly know ourselves, the Earth, and Spirit. In pairs and groups we have circled, strengthening this knowing, releasing toxic patterns and embracing love and pleasure as our compass.  


This compass turns us, now, to move into the world fully, to bring all that we have seeded and grown roots for into blossom and fruit. 


This compass points to the portal of the Empress, She Who Wields Power in Beauty.    



Too often, we have been afraid of power--patriarchy has wielded it for greed, destruction and control. But power is neutral, and when it is aligned with wisdom and care, it becomes love as action in the world, in service to the vision of our hearts.


What is the action you are longing to take? What is it that fills you, that wants to birth from this cup overflowing with love, tenderness, fierceness, and pleasure?


The Empress fills her cup and pours it out as a blessing. She tends her world with discernment and spiritual care, nourishing beauty in all things, including the Empress in other womxn*.


Like a cluster of butterflies, it is time to embody Her together, to become Monarch Womxn. We are here to rise as one, amplifying and transforming with our beauty that reawakens the Soul of the World.


A cluster of monarch butterflies with a purple circle in lower left hand corner with the words "The Empress Circle"


The Vision: That womxn everywhere are living from the transformative center of their power and pleasure, so that our collective vision of a world grounded in love effortlessly births from our hearts, hands and minds.


The Invitation: To gather in a mastermind of practical magic and erotic intelligence in order to ignite our agency, deepen our sovereignty and manifest from the integrated heart of our sexual and spiritual wisdom.


Igniting the agency of the Empress, we step into an individual and collective noble purpose that is 

  • Unique to our soul blueprint
  • Rooted in service to the flowering of the world
  • Aligned with divine wisdom
  • Pours out from our overflowing cup 
  • Transforms through pleasure and connection
  • Knows that love is the dance of presence and action
  • Joyfully supported by our sisters and met with gratitude and excitement by the world

Beginning July 31st, an intimate group of visionary womxn will meet in circle to activate our collective juicy genius.  We begin with a ceremony to deeply root in relationship with Sophia, Soul of the World and Earthfire Dragon, opening the grief channel in loving ritual to access the fierce, tender wisdom available there. 


Our opening circle is immediately followed by an immersive daylong retreat to ignite the power and pleasure of the Empress in body and soul; this delicious day of transmission and nourishment will be enriched by guest facilitators and medicine carriers of sacred masculine and feminine wisdom (check back for confirmed magic makers!).


Following our retreat we will meet monthly in ritual, weaving the wisdom of the High Priestess, Sacred Whore, and Empress to birth our soul blueprints into the world through our ecstatic overflow--this is the actualization of Magdalene energy, the practice of kenosis, emptying out through a deep filling of our cups.


Each month will also have a live Zoom call for integration, masterminding and soul reflection. Our journey together will complete with a group-created daylong retreat, plus an individual Sacred Mirror Soul Wisdom session with Ursula (via Zoom or phone). 


This is a good fit for womxn who:

  • Feel the urgency of their vision 
  • Want the ease, grace and magic of creating from the collective genius of sisterhood
  • Are ready to claim deeper depths of their erotic intelligence for pleasure and transformation
  • Know it is time to turn purposefully and lovingly towards the world to offer their soul gift as blessing and healing
  • Want to manifest from a place of rest, nourishment and joy, creating a natural overflow of beauty and positive change

We have remembered who we are, and we know why we are here. And now, the time has come to bring it out, to wield this reclaimed power in the beauty way, to make our dreams of a different world our reality. 


There is a vision awake in us, not simply of our individual desires and dreams, but a collective radiance, the birthing of a reality where love is action and presence, where we remember who we are in flesh and spirit.


Monarch Womxn, we are called: to bring forth the wisdom of the High Priestess by wielding the power of the Empress in service to not just the healing but the full flowering of the world.


The Empress Circle includes:

  • Four 3 hour live Red Thread Wisdom Circles working directly with the energies of Sophia, the High Priestess, the Sacred Whore and the Empress
  • Two daylong Ceremonial Retreats transmitting and igniting the Empress through ritual and pleasure
  • Four Soul Integration Zoom calls
  • Sacred Mirror Session (1-1)
  • 3 Magic Potions from the Apothecary

Investment: $1395.  Register now and save your place with a deposit of $195 (early bird savings $150 through 7/18), followed by four monthly payments of $300. Payment in full receives a discount of $200; contact me after making your deposit to arrange. 

I know it's important for you to feel a clear resonance with any group you make a commitment to join, and in service to your clarity I'd love to connect with you to answer any questions--you are invited to schedule a free chat with me.


Gold sparkles on a black background


  • Opening Circle Wednesday July 31 6:45-10 (West Berkeley)
  • Empress Ceremonial Retreat Saturday August 3 9:30 AM - 9 PM (Tranquility Base, East Bay)
  • August Circle Wednesday 8/28 (West Berkeley)
  • September Circle Wednesday 9/18  (West Berkeley)
  • October Circle Wednesday 10/16 (West Berkeley)
  • Kenosis Integrating Retreat 11/16 (East Bay or Marin)
  • Monthly Zoom Calls TBD
  • Sacred Mirror Session, individually scheduled

*Womxn is an inclusive term that includes all self-identified women: cisgender, transgender, non-binary, genderfluid, etc.

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