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Eros & Intution: Come Circle This Fall to Claim Your Inner Spark

I have been circling with other human beings for over 20 years. 

It began back in college--a feminist circle for queer and straight women, to speak our experiences, claim our truth, and support each other. 

When I moved to California when I was 23 I dove headlong into the worlds of birth, sex, healing and spirituality, and never looked back.  Many of these have been women's circles, or circles of queer folk, but what has always mattered most is coming together with intention, sincerity, vulnerability, and an open heart. 

For the past 8 years I have circled consistently with a small group of women, diving into our innermost realms and sharing all the tears, laughter, conflict and love that comes with getting real. 

Many times when I have shared about this circle with others in my life women eagerly ask if it is open, or if I know of other ones like it--the hunger to circle together is strong! 

For a long time I didn't have a good answer, because my circle was not open and I didn't really know anyone else who was doing something similar.

But today I have good news! 

This autumn I am co-facilitating a local/live 7 session women's circle with Amy White, an intuitive coach, medium and energy healer.  She's a kindred soul who holds a similar mix of East Coast salt of the earth with West Coast healing woo ;-)

Without further ado, here is our invitation:

Eros & Intuition ~ Claiming Our Inner Spark

Eros & Intuition ~ Claiming Our Inner Spark

You feel it don't you? That SPARK within you, the electricity that resides in your core.


It's a feeling that has been knocking on your soul for some time now and it can no longer stay contained.

You might feel excited, overwhelmed, and even a little bit scared. You want to tap in to that aliveness that resides just below the surface.

Perhaps you're not sure how to explore and awaken this sacred part of YOU. We understand! We have been where you are goddess!

Come join us for an intimate gathering in a women's circle that will safely and open-heartedly create space to explore what is needed to nurture this aliveness that exists and is yearning to awaken in each of us.

We are bringing together a collaborative community for 7 sessions of exploring our intuition and sexual sovereignty. Throughout this program we will share ways to connect deeper into our inner knowing and claim the sacred feminine, within ourselves and in relationship to this circle of women.

Individually and collectively, we will honor the process of coming home to ourselves  and learn how to discern what is in OUR highest good. We will share our holy stories, our divine experiences to both heal and be the healer.

What better way to prepare to enter 2019 in a much more connected, grounded and trusting way?

This Women’s Circle will be held from 6:45 - 9:30 PM on Thursday nights beginning September 27th in North Oakland/Temescal Area, which is walkable from Rockridge & MacArthur BART.

<3 Cisgender & Transgender Women Welcome <3

Claim your space here!

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

in love & magic,

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