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For the Love of the Magdalene--Musings on the Origins of the Apothecary, & 15% Off all Magdalene Related Potions thru 7/22

Sometimes, an energy lives so deeply inside of you, that you forget to talk about it, to explicitly share and name its wisdom.


For me with the apothecary, that energy is Mary Magdalene.  


Her presence holds the eros, strength, and fierce love of truly embodying the radiance of 'All that Is' here on earth. 


Tender, courageous, not fearing the flesh, but becoming so deeply present to all that it means to be human that our body remembers itself as the divine incarnate.


In 2015 I had the privilege of spending a month traveling with my family and a dear friend to sacred sites in western Europe, including Fatima, Glastonbury, Avebury, Fontainebleu, Chartres, Lourdes, Avila, and one of the sites sacred to Mary Magdalene in Provence, Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume. 


This journey was a profound initiation for me by Sophia, Soul of the Earth, and 9 months later, the apothecary was born.


What do I mean, the apothecary was born?  


Well, although I had been using flower essences almost 15 years, and had dipped my toes into creating a few for witchy fun at home, it wasn't a business plan that inspired beginning the apothecary, or some kind of intellectual mandate.


Something about walking on land sacred to my ancestors, touching the waters and earth, moving from longing and imagination to knowing that I came from somewhere, conceived within me the seed of the medicine that I would have the privilege of bringing into the world.


Each essence is a sacred collaboration between myself, Spirit, and the flowers and gems.


Essentially, Spirit tapped me on the shoulder in late spring of 2016, and instructed/invited me to create three essences, each with one flower and one crystal.


Those essences became the Magdalene Trinity, capturing three aspects of the healing wisdom of Mary Magdalene:


Full Flowering: "She opens the way to the Impossible."

Red Peony & Blue Apatite

'Full Flowering' assists us in manifesting our inherent blueprint and following our North Star by means of contacting our lusciousness & pleasure.  It supports clear and easy manifestation of our vision and the highest good for ourselves, our community and our world.



Gift of Presence:  "I am alive in the beauty of the world."

Honeysuckle & Desert Rose (a form of Selenite)

'The Gift of Presence' helps us to dissolve old patterns and to carry the wisdom of the past lightly into the present moment as we savor the gifts that surround us. We become stronger and more flexible, with clear perception and a loving heart. 



Rooted Eros:  "I take root and my life flowers."

Cecile Bruner Rose & Carnelian

'Rooted Eros' supports us to be grounded in, and live from, the wholeness of our deeply erotic, deeply creative selves. We contact our sexual pleasure and integrate its potency, uniting sex and love, sun and moon, inner and outer, masculine and feminine.


Now through July 22nd--the Feast of Mary Magdalene--all Magdalene related essences, honeys, and anointing oils are on sale, 15%, automatically applied. 


This includes the above essences plus:

*And the associated ritual kits*:


Need help choosing the best combination for you?  Although I'm traveling and temporarily not available for Zoom consults, you can send me your questions here, or if you're on Facebook, send me your questions via messenger.


with the love of the Magdalene,

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