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On Being a Modern Day Village Wise Woman

It is an interesting path to figure oneself out when in another time you simply would have been the village wise woman/midwife/herbalist/witch, but there's no exact/singular translation of that in modern/western life.


Over the last 25+ years my path has included personal and professional training and experience in:

<3 Pregnancy, Birth, & Postpartum

<3 Perinatal/Primal Psychology, Attachment, & Conscious Parenting

<3 Biodynamic Craniosacral Work, Swedish-Esalen Massage, Reiki, & Intuitive Healing

<3 Pleasure, Sexuality, Gender, Embodiment, Intimacy
Plant Medicine & Ceremony

<3 Bodily Sovereignty & Autonomy, Personal & Collective Liberation

<3 Death Doula Work & Conscious Dying

<3 Plant Medicine & Healing, including Flower Essences, Cacao, & Mushrooms

<3 Storytelling, Somatic Writing & Speaking, Soul Work, Imagery, & Archetypes

<3 Shadow Work, Alchemy, Transformation

At times I have focused on one or two of these learning/working paths, but over time what became clear to me was that these were all threads being woven into a bigger tapestry, and it is out of that generative weaving that my somatic practice has arisen/been born.

If you are tired of the ways the patriarchy et al has conditioned you to give yourself away in the hopes of being safe, or getting tossed a few crumbs, I am here to be a guide and cheerleader on your path to healing, embodiment, pleasure, and aliveness.

There is nothing inherently wrong with you. You may be carrying hard things, and that is real. But you have the capacity for pleasure, intimacy, connection, and love as much as anyone else, and the longing you feel for more comes from that place within that is intact, alive, and wanting to come forth.

Taking initiative towards our own healing can feel scary, because it feels like we are about to open a can of unruly and ugly worms. But here's the hard truth--that can of worms is affecting you whether or not you acknowledge it. The choice you have (always with your own timing being honored) is whether to meet what is with love, one step at a time, or to continue to live with the suppressed suffering.

The heart of my work is working with your own body's wisdom, including teaching and guiding you into that knowing and self-connection.

When we work with the body's wisdom, we go at a pace that makes sense for our own unfolding, and that grows our capacity to hold and be more.



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