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On the difference between emergence and prescription in healing our pleasure & our bodies

The heteronormative culture we live in dictates the script for what our desire, relationships, and bodies should look like.

This script is a top-down pigeon-holing of what is and isn't acceptable, dictated by narrow binary gender norms, and founded on a fundamental lack of connection to actual feeling.

Yet, we are feeling all the time. We are experiencing having a body, that is connected to other bodies, and the body of the Earth, with little to no conscious relationship.

We are taught to consume, to extract--and/or that we are the ones to be consumed, to exist for the benefit of others with no care or sense of sovereignty and dignity for ourselves.

And yet, we long to truly feel and know ourselves, to know each other. How do we navigate that?

To know ourselves we must stop looking outside for certainty, for some unalienable, Jehovic authority that knows better.

God/dess, Creatrix, the Mystery--it lives equally inside us as without. And it is asking you to learn how to unfold.

It is asking you to slow down. To take one step at a time to trust, to learn your own inner voice, your own wise compass within.

It is from this place that we can begin to reweave our being into coherence, into a living tapestry. Not a static vision of perfection, but one that has stretch, and vibrancy, and tenacity. 

Thanks to my friend Emmit for our conversation last week, and expressing how somatic work is about stitching yourself back together.

We cannot know ourselves when we are compartmentalized. We are not just a mind. We are not just a body. We are not just essence.

We are some messy, gorgeous, raw-hearted mystery in a world of flesh and bone.

If you want to heal your body--slow down.


If you want to know your pleasure--slow down.


If you want to allow yourself to emerge like the butterfly, triumphant through the mess and chaos of metamorphoses, you must begin where you are, and learn that there is wisdom *right here*. 


You are not broken, though you carry hurt.


You are not powerless, though you may have had to hide that power to survive.


You are not without direct connection to Source, though you may have been taught to look outside yourself for it.


It is my pleasure and privilege to walk people through this healing journey. The work we do together creates the safety for your full self to emerge, with tenderness and great care. 


Healing our sexuality looks like the exact opposite of what we have been told pleasure and intimacy should be.


It is about communication, real feeling and knowing of self (and other) in the moment, not going through the motions and wearing the right outfit.


It is messy, and sometimes there is grief, rage, frustration, confusion--but those are welcomed, and held with the same great care.



In my somatic healing practice I work with all genders 1-1 to:

  • Reweave body, mind and essence.
  • To learn how to listen to your body, and understand what it is trying to communicate to you.
  • Strengthen your capacity to ask for what you want and need.
  • Reframe the stories of shame and fear into a soul story of courage and possibility.
  • To become intimate, and coherent, with yourself, so that you can enjoy the relationships you desire and show up to yourself, and others, in a good way.


  • Learn how to lean into the places that both excite and scare you, so you can expand your pleasure in a grounded way.

You do not have to do this on your own. You can have deep, loving, wise support to embrace the love and pleasure you are longing for.


Right now I have space for a handful of 1-1 clients for in-person, somatic healing work.


I warmly invite you to schedule a connection call with me to talk about your longings and challenges, and how I can guide and support you on that journey.


Schedule your connection call.


with love & warmth,


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