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{Poem} Offering You

Someday if you are lucky

The strength of the need

Will have nowhere to go

But everywhere

And tears will fall

And you won’t be sure

Of the words

But they will find their way



From this center place

Out into the arms of another


You will know you have touched this place

Because the tears have no exact story

No place to pin, project or protect

They are simply raw, and human,

And more than what the mind has made up


Hold yourself there

Allow the swirling waters to move

Without judgment

With all kindness

Being witness, and mother, and lover to yourself


There is even a kind of calm

Because the worst part

Was wanting exposure

And not knowing how

To get it


Here, writing these words,

Tears dry on my face

I have received myself

Deeper than ever before

Is there anything better

I could imagine offering



My hand on my heart


In love & community,



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