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News & a Sale: Prepping for an Apothecary Rebrand

Dear Community--

I started the apothecary in 2016 when Spirit tapped me on the shoulder and instructed me to make 3 flower/gem essences--Full Flowering, Rooted Eros, & Gift of Presence.  

Each subsequent essence continues the same collaboration of sacred relationship--it is a conversation between me, Spirit, the plants, the stones, and the sacred energies that want to come through in a tangible form for us to work with.

Pre-pandemic I loved doing in-person events.  I loved connecting with people, sharing my medicine, and letting the magic speak for itself.

Part of what going 'offline' during the pandemic emphasized for me is that I want the visual presentation of my medicine to communicate and align with the deep magic contained within.

In March I'll be 46.  My dream for the new year is to wrangle a fundraising campaign to hire the designer to work with, as well as associated costs.

In the meantime, I'm offering 25% off all in-stock inventory to make way for the new:

  • 25% is automatically applied at checkout
  • Note that I've moved all stock out of ritual kits into individual potions. You can still reference the ritual kit descriptions to recreate your own!
  • Sale continues while stock lasts

Please know that I'm not taking away any formulas!  This is a process of working with the medicine and sacred energies so they are presented with coherence, deliciousness and magic, to help them make their way further into the wider world. 

(And if you have any experience running a fundraising campaign for your goods and want to share that wisdom, please reach out. I want, and need, to do this in a sane way <3).

with lots of love and magic,


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