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Sacred Feminine Agency

We are learning how to live with our hearts broken open.  The many atrocities that enrage, horrify and pierce our hearts have been happening, under more or less cover, for the entire length of patriarchy, and certainly from the start of this country (USA). Depending on our identities, we have been living with the knowledge and every day horror of prejudice and violence. But what is happening now is, I believe, a kind of exposing of the wound. I don’t mean that flippantly. Real lives are being harmed, lost, hurt. I don’t believe there’s any sane person who doesn’t want all of it to just STOP, NOW.  And, we are living with the relative smallness of our individual lives, of figuring out how to dismantle monoliths of repressive government, business and other institutions.


We can’t turn away, and we can’t just wallow, either.


It is time to stand in our sacred feminine agency.


I say ‘sacred’ because It is an agency where inner and outer are connected, where we are working deeply with soul in the heart of everyday life, down in the “trenches”. That is a sacred calling. To see and know and love the divine in every bit of matter, in the day to day.  And to experience the deep love of showing up full of heart and practical support.


I say ‘feminine’ because we are collectively bringing in another way of doing life, love, work, spirit—a way that is both ancient and future. The feminine way is a spiral way, it works in waves (rest and work, external and internal, playful and serious, etc) and holds the whole picture. The feminine way knows that making beauty is a serious act of transformation, and the only way to make meaning out of sorrow and grief. The feminine way knows that all bodies are important, that Sophia is waking up in all matter, that connection will repair and revitalize our world.


I say ‘agency’ because the wisdom, the ancient and timeless knowledge of times past, the claiming of sexual pleasure and bodily autonomy, have filled us up to the point of kenosis—the ecstatic spilling forth of radiant love—and it is time to turn this all towards every bit of this beautiful Earth. Towards every heart waking up and wondering what the hell to do. Towards the most broken parts of ourselves and each other.


Sacred. Feminine. Agency.


A single monarch butterfly rests on fingertips


It is time to be monarchs, to cover the forest with our living beauty, to expose the deepest wounds to sunshine and salt water with a fierce, loving care.


If you feel this call, I invite you to schedule a call with me to discuss joining the upcoming Empress Circle. Over 4 months we will be gathering live here in the East Bay to ignite this much needed energy in an intimate circle of powerful, kindred women.


You can see the details here.


You can schedule a call with me here.


And if you’re not local but would love to see an online iteration of this in the future, would you drop a quick comment to me below?


In love, agency & magic,



A cluster of monarch butterflies with a purple circle and the words 'The Empress Circle'

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