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Snake Wisdom

The Snake has no separation between heart, sex and Earth.

The Snake is ancient, and sinuous, and the bringer of wisdom.

The sleeping wisdom of the Snake has awoken--

We call on her to make us strong and flexible,

To move through the world with erotic power,

To be intimate at all moments with the Earth,

To transform and grow into the beings of love and power

We are destined to be,

If only we choose.

Snake wisdom is sex--the erotic power of self-knowing, self-worth, connection and intimacy.

Snake wisdom is magic--the power of the Word made Flesh, radiant and full of life.

Snake wisdom is power--the power of the Earth herself moving through us.

Snake magic is non-compliance--the power of standing from our center for the wild beauty of the world.

Snake wisdom is the divine feminine speaking, and she’s speaking to us now.   

Are we listening? Are our hearts open? Are we ready?



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