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Sovereignty & a Lilith Moon Circle

What is sovereignty? Sovereignty is the state of being self-referencing. Self-referencing is the intellectual, emotional, somatic, spiritual and sexual capacity to know and live from our center, our ground. It means our nervous systems are tipped in the direction of health (rest and digest, vs fight/flight/freeze), our limbic imprinting has a foundation of healthy attachment, and that we are resourced with tools and community to help us when we lose our center. It means our loving witness is greater than our critics, defenses, or young, under-resourced selves. Sovereignty is intertwined with interdependence, with a partnership model of personal and collective power.

Queen of the Night, aka the Burney Relief, Sumerian, British Museum

When we are not embodying our sovereignty who we know ourselves to be has no internal substance, and so we are reactive, defensive, fearful.


To be sovereign is to willingly stretch ourselves out on the cross of duality (nod to Marion Woodman & her ‘Holding the Tension of Opposites’), to hold our oneness and our difference/diversity together, knowing that they are aspects of a larger mystery.


Sovereignty means including our messy selves, what not only others but our internal critics deem unacceptable.  Sovereignty means connecting the voice and the body, the heart and the genitals, the mind and the flesh, so that we live from our coherence instead of our dissonance.  There is no perfection here, but there is an increasing trust of the spiral quality, of the coming back around and through, so that we trust birth, we trust death, we trust the peak and the fall, the blooming and the closing as full and necessary components of this one life.

Lilith Moon Circle

If you are a local woman (transgender cisgender non-binary) you are welcome to join me Friday night for a Dark Moon Lilith Circle. 


Wherever you are, whatever your gender, please make time to connect with another human and give space to what’s really happening in you 🔥🌊<3


In love & power,


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