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The Last Time We Wore Gold

The last time we wore gold
We knew what radiance was—
Dancing with the Dragon, 
All light was the dance
Inside and out
The last time we wore gold
We remembered Rose
As the master teacher She is,
Allowing Her to open us
Beyond any smallness
We clung to
The last time we wore gold
Something took flight,
Wings of the pelvis
Beat of the heart—
The mirror was bright
And clear
But gently held
Now we will wear gold again
Now we will walk through a portal,
Trailing tears of joy and grief
Something is opening
The way we used to know tenderness in the world,
And had stronger arms to hold each other,
Allowing prayers of piercing love to melt the frozen edges
Hands extended in friendship,
She calls from me to you,
A thousand butterflies in each of us,
A million butterflies together—
Have you seen the way monarchs
Carpet the forest, 
Covering all surfaces with their living beauty?
May these words be sweet milkweed
For those butterflies in your soul—
I need them
I need you
And so does Sophia
Mother of Matter
The last time we wore gold
We knew we’d meet again.

The Empress Circle begins August 25th, an alchemical space for womxn of vision and heart to claim their full agency and bring beauty back to the world, turning the tide of destruction and greed:

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