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This Is Magdalene Medicine

She stood by the tomb

while the powers of death raged inside

and out

She aligned herself

with the oldest womb

the original one

that holds our bones

and the spark

She let love tear through her

rooting out every last place

that cowered from its presence

Her cells became stars

Her heart a black hole

turned inside out


Mary Magdalene holds an alabaster jar


He is the Earth given over to renewal

He is Sophia, conscious awake in every atom

He is her beloved,

and She, his


She is the heart broken open

She is joy and sorrow no bounds

pouring out


What might be possible

if she moved in us this way?


What could we do,

rooted in Sophia like a great oak,

a sheltering redwood,

a flowering apple?


This is Magdalene Medicine.

This is our work of the soul,

together and alone

bringing forward love


This is Magdalene medicine.


Join us this Wednesday July 31 in Berkeley for a potent but gentle ritual to connect with Sophia and open the grief channel to access our vitality and creativity as we move forward in this world with hearts broken open:

Embracing Sophia: Opening the Grief Channel

Open to all womxn.

This event is a fundraiser for RAICES (The Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services)

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