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Thoughts after watching 'How to Change Your Mind'

I'm almost done watching Michael Pollan's 'How to Change Your Mind' on Netflix, and there are tears in my eyes and my chest is so full of emotion.

If you know me from growing up, you will know that I didn't drink or do anything in high school, and even really that much in college.

That was a really good, instinctive and protective choice for me (which is not a judgement on anyone else's path).

My own sensitivities, and lack of the context, lineage, and meaning making of plant medicine, mean that it would have caused more harm than good.

I needed to develop a stronger sense of self, sober, to then learn to meet these plant medicines.

I'm going to pause right here and say that there are many ways to heal, and I'm not trying to glamorize any medicine. I have been as deeply affected, healed, nourished and strengthened by non-psychedelic medicines as I have by psychedelic ones, namely cacao, flower essences, and nourishing herbs such as nettles.

So please use your discernment in reading this, or any other post/material, about plant medicine, to notice if you are feeling FOMO or any sense of "should."

On the other hand, I HIGHLY encourage you to learn about these medicines! There has been so much disinformation circling that it behooves us to educate ourselves (and in case it might not be your path but it  might help someone you love!).  'How to Change Your Mind' is a good place to start but when possible read text/listen to teachings by indigenous folks in the lineage who are sharing information and wisdom about their sacred medicines in a good way.

I am hopeful about what these medicines can help us transform inside of us, and outside of us. And that change and healing must include concrete actions like work to heal the climate, land back and land tax to indigenous folks, reparations to black folks, etc etc. Any real dive into medicine work will connect you to the connectedness of all, and, we must still do the discerning work of decolonizing and healing.

Both mushrooms and huachuma have helped me heal my body, mind, heart, and spirit.

Every plant has a spirit/soul, and one of the beautiful things is that our relationship with that plant does not--and should not--only be when we sit with it in ceremony.

These teachers become allies that are available every day as we offer our attention, devotion, gratitude, and emotional/spiritual labor to these relationships.

Thank you to the indigenous folks all over who continue to keep these ways.

Thank you to the people of all races and genders who continue to work in a good way to educate and reintroduce how deeply healing these plants are.

What questions do you have about plant medicine?

Has it brought you healing? What has changed for you?


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