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Trumpet Vines & Modern Witches

Sometimes I need to tuck myself away from social media and overexposure. I’ll notice that I have all these beautiful pictures I’d like to share, moments that I think will touch you as well. But something deeper is at work, and I’m in whatever deep dive is working its magic on me.  I am a Pisces, after all.  But then I bob up, and switch from my mermaid gills to gulping the air, and I want to connect with you. So, here I am. 

I went out this morning to my backyard to sit under the trumpet vine and do some digging with my journal into what has been blocking me from fully stepping into all that I’ve been working for.  I could feel the medicine of the plant begin to flow into me, without consciously knowing what its signature it. What I found when I looked it up is perfect:

Trumpet Vine ~ Campsis tagliabuana (red-orange)

Positive qualities: Articulate and colorful in verbal expression; active, dynamic projection of oneself in social situations

Patterns of Imbalance: Lack of vitality or soul force in expression; inability to be assertive or to speak clearly, speech impediments

Orange yellow trumpet vine



What follows is part of what came out in my written exploration:


An Open Ended Musing on What It Means to be Magic in the Modern World. Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments (and switch the pronouns to fit your gender as you read!).


A Modern Day Witch  . . . 

~ Sees beyond the veil of the mundane to connect and contact the sacred/divine within everyday life
~ Works within the web of life for the benefit of all beings, including herself

Generously receives money as energy to support her family, her magic, her well-being and all that she wishes to pay forward and nourish in the world

Works to decolonize herself, reclaiming ancestral and Earth wisdom, and do her part to heal the trauma and birth a better world

Listens a lot

Values the nourishing Dark and the warming Light

Knows that that true Radiance of being is beyond Dark and Light, and only found when we hold the tension of opposites (gratitude to Marion Woodman, RIP)

Makes practical magic from the tension of oneness and the particular beauties and diversity of life.

Makes fear an ally, and fierce love the ground of being

Does her part to reweave herself back into the fabric of life—and also trusts the sacred cycle of dissolution/destruction, rebirth and growth

Claims her sovereignty, her sexuality, her pleasure, and her purpose

Cultivates a deep relationship with the plants, the stones, the animals and the Earth

Laughs loud

Is curious, always

Cherishes the stories, and knows their power

Invites her dreams, and knows their power, too

Makes a sacrament out of all that has been damned

Eats the apple, befriends the snake, and dances with the Moon . . . 


In love & magic,


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PPS Curious about how all this magic might benefit your healing and transformation? Let's hop on the phone and chat ~ I offer free consultations to discuss healing with plant medicine, biodynamic craniosacral and reclaiming our sacred erotic intelligence.  You can schedule with me here <3


PPPS Spider blessings . . . 


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