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Turning Towards: A Community Labyrinth Walking Ritual

In the face of overwhelm, despair and heartbreak, we want to turn away--from the pain, the stress, the hurt. But too often that means we also turn away from Life itself, from our much needed connection to the Earth, to each other, to Source.

Join me on Sunday, October 28th, as we take our hearts and our hope to turn toward Life and each other.  Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve has been a sacred sanctuary for me for 20 years, and I'll be leading you to walk the four labyrinths to make embodied prayers for our relationship with Earth, Body, Eros and Community.


A small heart labyrinth in a grassy green canyon


The labyrinth is a sacred symbol of our life journey, and allows us a non-verbal, embodied means of dropping more deeply into our center, our essence, and connection to Spirit/God/Goddess.

At each labyrinth we will release, balance and open to receive, then seed our dreams and visions.  I will have holy waters, sacred oils and delicious elixirs to bless, cleanse and anoint you.

Our ritual will also mark the turning of the wheel of the year, celebrating Samhain, the doorway into the deepening dark time.  This is a particularly resonant moment to release and compost all that does not serve us, so that we may have the room to receive the nourishment and quiet of winter.

This event includes a mandatory preparation call (10/24) and integration call (10/30).  

A 90 minute biodynamic craniosacral session for further integration is available as a special ticket package.

*This gathering welcomes folks of all genders and spiritual paths*

*This will be a quarterly event, so if your schedule doesn't allow you to join us this time, please keep an eye out for upcoming walks!

Get your ticket now: 


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