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Why We Need Hekate in Our Corner Right Now

Today is September 29, two days before Samhain (Halloween), 5 days before the 2020 US Presidential Election.  Scorpio energy is running high, the veil between the worlds is thin, and we are at a crossroads.

It is time to move beyond latent vision and good intentions into agency. Into actualized community that is interdependent, that values more than just rugged individualism and thinly veiled white supremacy.  

Magic--real, non-binary, beyond duality power--is agency.  It is the mystery of Spirit manifest as Flesh and more.  I'm tired of dreaming about a better world--I want it now.  I think you do, too.

Who do we turn to? What makes sense in these unprecedented times?  What source do we draw on that is deeper than our precious but limited human selves?

Hekate is the Queen of Witches, an ancient goddess of magic, and crossroads.  She was absorbed into Greek mythology but is older, wiser, richer.  She has things to show us, things to say, perhaps even things to speak *through us*.  

How can you be daringly courageous right now?  What is that has been longing to come forth?  I spent a long time hold back some loud, angry, WISE parts of myself because I was still hooked on being safe.  And I have, in the end, nothing but compassion and tenderness for that part of myself.  But in the end I was never safe, not in the way the cishetero white supremacist patriarchy wanted me to believe. 

"(A)nd what I most regretted were my silences.  Of what had I ever been afraid?  To question or to speak as I believed could have meant pain, or death. But we all hurt in so many different ways, all the time, and pain will either change or end.  Death, on the other hand, is the final silence.  And that might be coming quickly, now, without regard for whether I had ever spoken what needed to be said, or had only betrayed myself into small silences, while I planned someday to speak, or waited for someone else's words.  And I began to recognize a source of power within myself that comes from the knowledge that while it is most desirable not to be afraid, learning to put fear into perspective gave me great strength." 
Audre Lorde, from her essay,
On the Transformation of Silence into Language & Action"


Hekate's transmission came through my channel 4 years ago during this Samhain season.  What she has to offer us is the healing of the wound in body and soul that says we can either be safe, or powerful, but not both.  Maybe you have used your voice, your power, your magic, but never really felt safe being fully embodied, at home in your flesh.  Maybe you have clung tight to comfort, keeping small and hidden.  I know I have done both, and variations in between.

Hekate offers us a way and a truth between this binary, zero sum question.  She says that the only real safety is knowing ourselves as coherent, made of fierce love, creating a new world that has space for everyone, where belonging is real.  She helps us feel 'safe enough' to drop down and be, act and speak as the leaders we are meant to be.

Hekate is standing at the crossroads, inviting us to pause, to leave an offering and call on our deepest reserves.  What is your next step with her at your side?

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All the fierce love and tender magic for you.

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