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Radiance Rose & Frankincense Anointing Oil

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Radiant Human Collection

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with Frankincense (Boswellia spp) & Damascus Rose, Rose Otto Essential Oil, Energy Signature of Amethyst, Green Malachite, Ocean Jasper, Chrysocolla & Fluorite, New Moon in Virgo to New Moon in Libra, 2019. 1 oz. All organic oils & herbs.

Inside each cell of your body lies a sleeping lotus. Like any seed, it can lie dormant, awaiting the proper conditions to grow. 

The lotus has its roots firmly planted in the mud. The deep invitation of Spirit to our human soul at this time is to fully incarnate, and to wake up in that incarnation.

That’s a simple sentence to read, and a lifetime of courage, love and presence to embody.

We are body, and we are spirit. We are energy and flesh. We are here to accept the mess and limitation of human life, and to know that love is limitless within those boundaries.

I invite you to breathe into that lotus, into the hundred million lotus cells of your body. Wake up your wisdom body with your attention, your tears, your passion, your endless, aching love. 

Yes, it takes courage, and, once you taste it, no other path is worth traveling.

Radiance Anointing Oil unites the ancient medicines of rose and frankincense to facilitate the awakening of the wisdom body. It helps us align with our essential nature of radiant divinity, here, in the fertile muck of flesh and bone.  Use this oil to invoke love, patience and courage, allowing the lotus to bloom through attention to detail and the practice of deep presence in our daily lives.

Use this oil when you feel despair, anger or heartbreak; allow the deep green nature of our plant and gem allies to soothe and nourish body and soul. When you want to bypass an emotion because it just feels like too much, you can, instead, slow down, anoint your body where you feel the most challenging energy, and see yourself as that lotus seed rooting in the mud, finding her way to something more than was known before, allowing greater possibility to sprout and, eventually, flower. 

To embody radiance is to remember we are whole unto ourselves, and always part of the greater whole. It is the cultivation of a personal, spiritual and cosmic coherence, for the benefit of all beings.