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Hieros Gamos, Sacred Marriage Anointing Oil

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Embodied Feminine Collection

Hieros Gamos ~ Sacred Marriage Anointing Oil

Bulgarian Rose Infused Olive Oil, Essential Oils of Damascus Rose (Rosa Damascena)Spikenard (Nardostachys jatamansi) &  Helichrysum/Immortelle (Helichrysum italicum), Energy Signature of Green Malachite & Quartz.  Blessed & charged in tantric ritual. 1 oz. 


To anoint is to honor Spirit in Matter, to bless, heal and recognize the radiance of the body and of life.  This oil embodies the potency of the ancient rite of the Hieros Gamos, or sacred marriage, made between the Goddess/Land and the king, which brought fertility, peace and prosperity to the community and world. We are called on now to make this sacred marriage within ourselves, to divest ourselves of false binaries and live from the more expansive truth of the dance that is the universe.

This oil is inspired by the ‘nard’--spikenard--that Mary Magdalene anointed Jesus with, her personal and public recognition of his divinity.  Rose, of course, brings in the Magdalene herself, and all the beautiful and sensuous qualities of the divine feminine. Helichrysum, literally ‘golden sun’, invokes the radiance that springs from this marriage of masculine and feminine, spirit and matter, heaven and earth, day and night. 

Quartz amplifies and stabilizes the transformative field of the sacred marriage and our erotic intelligence, facilitates a more profound interaction with the medicine of the plants, and brings the energy of the stars into the soul.  Green malachite assists the transformation of the dreambody from the old binary to our higher level evolution, as well as clearing and activating all chakras, with a special affinity for nourishing the heart and throat. Olive oil, precious golden liquid of the Middle East and Mediterranean, carries it all together with its earthy, spicy green scent.  

Suggested Use: To bless and heal any area of the body where Spirit is not fully embodied in Matter, where we want to nourish sacred erotic intelligence, and/or to simply mark our body as the sacred and beautiful temple that it is. May ease anxiety and stress, bring calm, open heartedness, groundedness and peace.