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Claiming Our Pleasure Compass, a free masterclass

Claiming Our Pleasure Compass, a free masterclass

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We are taught to fear all that is life-giving:  food and sex, our bodies, the Earth itself.  Fear has its place as an ally and lifesaver, but it does not lead us towards our dreams, the intimacy, creativity, and pleasure that we not only crave, but need, to unfold into our unique beingness in this world

You have probably heard the phrase "Pleasure heals."  But why does it heal?  How do we even know how to approach it and how do we create a new embodied story within ourselves?

In my work as a somatic-spiritual coach focused on sexual empowerment, pleasure, and healing, I have named what I call our 'pleasure compass', an embodied sense within us that is available to act as wise guide.


I'm offering this masterclass on claiming our pleasure compass as a free download.  In this 90 minute recording we dive into:

~ How 'pleasure heals' and why starting slow gets you where you want to go faster

~ How to work with your wounds and your desire in a powerful, grounded way (and why we need to do both)

~ How to begin to work with your Pleasure Compass *now* to open up new pathways of possibility, intimacy, creativity, love, and erotic fulfillment

This work is a queer centered space that welcomes women of all sexualities, and LGBTQ+ folks of all genders.

Your access to the recording is immediately available through the link found in the digital download PDF.

Your facilitator:

Ursula Goulet is a somatic-spiritual coach, femme priestess, sex witch, and ritual herbalist on a mission of liberation and healing through erotic awakening.

Her work centers on the sacred deconstruction of oppressive norms of the white cisheteropatriarchy, allowing the embodiment and expression of our 'core desire', our unique essence aligned with the pleasurable expression of our gender and sexuality in connection with the body, Earth, and community.  

Weaving a rich background in story and myth, birth and parenting, biodynamic craniosacral bodywork, erotic healing and exploration, plant medicine, and European witchcraft, her work has evolved into a complete spiritual ecosystem of embodied wisdom, The Soul Serpent Path, based on the wisdom of the body.

She welcomes women of all sexualities, and LGBTQ+ people of all genders, into this healing, empowering sphere.  Come find out how pleasure truly heals.