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Biodynamic Craniosacral Work

two hands holding another hand gently, flower of life icon and the words 'Biodynamic Craniosacral Work'

All humans are part of the web of life, but modern living often has us feeling disconnected, frazzled, and worn down.

The body is a wise guide, and when we can slow down and allow ourselves to be held in unconditional love and presence, profound healing can unfold. 

Source is both within us, and meant to flow through us.  In craniosacral work we call this energy the Breath of Life, and it is this which guides our hands, hearts, and words for the highest healing.

If you are feeling 

  • Disconnected from self or Source
  • Find yourself living in chronic 'fight/fight/freeze', including past trauma or current stress
  • Don't know how to trust your body, or what that even means
  • Are carrying unresolved grief, anger, and other "hard" emotions

Then craniosacral work can be some of the most potent, yet gentle, work to release, enliven, and ground your spirit in your one, precious body.

I love biodynamic craniosacral work because it affirms and connects all aspects of our being, from the physical to the ethereal.  Sessions are received lying on a massage table, fully clothed, with a gentle cradling touch to the body, and people often report experiencing:

  • A shift from 'fight/flight/freeze' to 'rest and digest', aka emotional regulation
  • A deep sense of relaxation and vitality (someone once called it better than taking a nap!)
  • The release of old stories, wounding, and injury held in the body, in a way that is easeful and gentle
  • An integration of self, and a renewed sense of wholeness
  • Reconnection to Source, within, without, and flowing through

All those with a tender heart and a need for nourishment are welcome to my table.  In addition, I have a special fondness for creating a sacred space for those doing transformational and healing work out in the world--a space for you to be held deeply as you hold others.

All sessions are held at my private studio in North Oakland:

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