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Blues Skies, Safe Haven


Our LGBTQIA+ youth are here to shine their light, to teach us how much more beauty and freedom and possibility is available to all humans--but they are at risk now more than ever for homophobic and transphobic violence.  


Please bookmark www.blueskiessafehaven.com and sign up to be the first to hear about the new website and upcoming support circles.  


Caring for these youth calls on all of our reserves, and requires us to grow as parents, caregivers, and leaders in ways we may not have been expecting.  We may find ourselves:


  • Challenged by beliefs instilled in us about what it means to be a 'man' or 'woman'
  • Wondering how to have connected, up-to-date, and meaningful conversations about bodies, relationships, sex, pleasure, and safety, when we ourselves were likely not given these resources or the language to talk about it
  • Confused about how to navigate our religion or spiritual practices that are not inclusive of the youth we love
  • Scared about the transphobic and homophobic legislation being proposed and enacted
  • Struggling with navigating uneducated to down-right hostile family and community


These concerns are real, but you are not alone.  As a queer person myself, as well as being mom to a non-binary teen and partner to a trans man, I can assure you we are not going back, and your courage, labor and presence are part of that.


Together, working to make this world safe for all humans but especially our precious and fabulous young people, we can:

  • Expand our understanding of sexuality and gender, so that we can thrive and grow
  • Heal our own connection to our bodies, sexuality and gender as we learn language and skills that help us show up for our children and youth at any age
  • Connect to the courageous root of love in our religious/spiritual practice, moving forward in a way that is aligned, meaningful and clear
  • Become strong advocates for our youth while we *also* learn how to rest and care for ourselves so we can be present for the challenges ahead
  • Get clear on boundaries, stop accepting toxic behavior, and connect with like-minded, courageous hearted folks 


You don't have to do this alone. (And, truly, no one ever does.  This is and will always be a community effort.)


As a somatic coach with a background in sexuality, gender, embodiment, birth, attachment, herbal medicine, and transformational group facilitation, I have supported individuals, families and groups through every stage of life. 


Personally, I have been

  • Out as a queer woman for more than 25 years
  • The main support for my non-binary teenager through social and medical transition
  • Close support for other queer/trans folks as well as parent friends who have a queer child 


I understand what you carry, and how to help make that load easier, through a kind, connected process.  


Working with me is a safe place to ask awkward but necessary questions, work through your emotional process so you can show up with clarity and love, heal your attachment patterns that are making it difficult to connect, and step into the courageous and much needed presence we need to you to be in the world, within a community of brave and loving souls.


So what's next?


Every month I'm offering a free support group:

  • Sunday, May 7th from 4-6 PM Pacific 
  • Saturday June 10th from 10 AM -12 PM Pacific
  • Saturday July 15th from 10 AM -12 PM Pacific
  • Sunday August 6th from 4-6 PM Pacific

These groups are limited to 10 people and will not be recorded for privacy reasons.  You can access the link to save your place when you sign up at the pop-up above.


If you're ready for 1-1 support, I offer low-cost consults where you can ask those awkward questions, talk about what kind of support you need and get clear on what's next.

Schedule your 1-1 consult


In attachment work, we know that caring for the caregiver not only lightens their load, but brings a greater felt sense of safety to the child being cared for.  I look forward to offering you the nourishment, education and support you need to be that fiercely loving adult in your queer youth's life.


with a big, fierce mamabear love,