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Mamabear Postpartum Care

Picture of a brown bear, a woman, and the words Mamabear Postpartum Care

The postpartum is a time of intense emotion and deep need. 

We are integrating one of life’s great initiations as we are simultaneously learning to care for a new human being. 

Our bodies are cranky and sleep-deprived, our hearts tender with all kinds of feeling, both delicious and hard.  Most of the time, we’re trying to do it alone, because we live apart from families, or perhaps don’t feel resonant with our family to have them close during such a vulnerable time.  And of course that has all been exacerbated by COVID-19 restrictions.

As an experienced queer mother of two, a birth and postpartum doula, somatic coach for erotic empowerment, and herbalist, I provide emotionally intelligent, loving, practical and discerning care for new families. 

It is my great joy to support families of all configurations to find their ease, wisdom and empowerment as parents and caregivers.

According to your needs , my time with you can include:

  • Newborn care basics, including elimination communication education
  • Coaching to learn your baby’s cues and needs for more connected parenting and less upset
  • Delicious, nourishing meal preparation
  • Breastfeeding/bottlefeeding support
  • Chores & light cleaning (laundry, errands, dishes)
  • Birth story integration 
  • Flower essence recommendations for emotional, spiritual and sexual healing
  • Referrals to other practitioners and resources as needed

Daytime & night hours available.

Bonus Access (separate fees):

  • In-home bodywork (massage and craniosacral) for you and your family.  I am not otherwise seeing bodywork clients so this is exclusive to my postpartum families!
  • Custom meal planning support plan with Shayna Dameron 

I’d love for you to schedule a time to talk at https://bit.ly/Ursulapostpartumconsult

If you have any difficulty finding a time to schedule you can also text me at 510 470 8129. I look forward to connecting!


PS. Curious about postpartum care but haven’t given birth yet?  I encourage you to set up a consult to explore the possibilities of working together, as it can be a great relief to have a plan and resources already in place once your baby is here.