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Somatics for Birth, Pregnancy, Postpartum

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*My work is inclusive of all birthing people and parents:
cis women, trans men, non-binary, genderqueer and agender people.*


Birth and pregnancy are inherently times of transformation and initiation.

When mothers and birthing parents are treated with dignity and autonomy, with respect for the wisdom and sovereignty of their body, pregnancy and birth initiate us into bigger, more grounded and powerful versions of ourselves.

    But too often the care that women and queer folks receive treats their bodies as inherently broken, something to be mistrusted instead of deeply listened to as a source of guidance.

    Over the past 25+ years I have worked as a doula, bodyworker, herbalist, and healer in the realm of sexuality, gender, embodiment, and pleasure. 

    If you are pregnant, or trying to conceive, you can do the work to know how to deeply listen to your body, your baby, and your pleasure, so that you are not beholden to external authority as the only source of 'who knows'.

    If you are postpartum, whether recently or many years ago, you can reclaim your body, your experience, and your pleasure as your own.

    My somatic coaching process works to 

    • Bring you into a state of relaxation and feeling good as the foundation for diving into the tender places
    • Strengthen your capacity to listen to what your body needs and wants, and to be able to communicate that with confidence
    • Develop your 'pleasure compass', your innate source of wisdom for navigating life, relationships, intimacy, and communication from a place of felt safety, connection, and sensual aliveness
    • Heal the trauma your body may still be holding onto, so that your conscious desires for your life align with your body's capacity to act and connect from an open, grounded place
    • Expand your capacity for pleasure while simultaneously liberating your personal power


    I work 1-1 and in small groups, and am available for speaking and facilitation for birth professionals as well as moms and birthing parents.

    Each birthing person's experience and needs are unique, so I have a discovery call with each person to talk about what your ideal support can look like.

    I also work with birthing professionals to heal and embrace their own embodiment, pleasure, and sensual power.

    I look forward to connecting with you soon!

    Schedule your connection call with Ursula