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The Soul Serpent Path: Bio & Mission

Ursula Goulet is a somatic sexual empowerment coach, soul midwife, and plant witch.  As a queer femme, she is on a mission to support women and LGBTQIA+ folks of all genders to find liberation and healing through erotic awakening.

Her work weaves a rich tapestry of professional and personal experience in story and symbol, birth and conscious parenting, sexuality and gender, biodynamic craniosacral and healing bodywork, and European indigenous wisdom and spirituality, in service to pleasure based somatic healing and transformation.



Erotic suppression and shame continues to be a key tool of the white cisheteropatriarchy.  The Soul Serpent Path is committed to creating a healthy, interdependent world by supporting individuals to reclaim their power, agency, and vitality by healing their attachment to the Earth, community, and body through the authentic expression of their sexuality and gender, what I have named ‘Core Desire’.  

  • This work is grounded in kindness, curiosity, and mutual respect through the nourishment of our erotic vitality.
  • This works invites us to lean into desire, pleasure, and transformation through the development of our erotic intelligence.
  • This work is aligned in integrity, mutual liberation, and evolution through the cultivation and embodiment of erotic wisdom.


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