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Heart's Ease (Calm & Comfort) Honey

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Radiant Human Collection

Local Raw Honey, Organic Rose Petals, Vanilla Powder, Spirit Calm Flower & Gem Essence.  2  or 6 oz.

Raw honey is a wonder food in and of itself; the Spirit Calm Essence* helps us integrate into the body higher levels of energy that can initially feel uncomfortable or unsettled. Vanilla and rose bring in the energy of sweetness, comfort, and the Divine Mother. 

How to use your honey:

Eat by the spoonful, add to tea or warm milk, drizzle over fruit or toast. There may be bits of rose petals in your honey--these are edible or you can strain them from your drink.



*Spirit Calm Essence

Energy Signature of Lavender & Rose Quartz. May 2018.

In a base of rose infused brandy, raw honey and spring water. 

Pattern of Imbalance: Overstimulated or ungrounded energy stemming from transformational work and embodied spiritual evolution

Pattern of Regeneration:  Capacity to metabolize and integrate refined spiritual energy at the body/molecular level.  Embrace our sensitivity.  Calm, peace, and vitality at all levels of body and being. Centered in our love for self and world.

As body, mind and spirit evolve, whether through life transitions, transformative practices or medicine work, we can experience increased levels of energy and sensitivity in our body that can be uncomfortable, overstimulating and ungrounded.  

Spirit Calm elixir helps us integrate and metabolize this energy so that we can embrace our sensitivity and upleveled energy in a calm, peaceful and healthy body.  

Rose Quartz brings the energy of unconditional love and the Divine Mother, healing emotional wounds and sourcing us in the always-present love of Spirit.  

Lavender essence calms and soothes the ‘buzz’, and helps us integrate this upleveling into a new state of spiritual, emotional and physical well-being. We are better able to integrate these energies and be centered in our love for ourselves and the world.