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Christos, Kenosis Essence

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Initiated Masculine Collection


Christos ~ Kenosis Essence

Energy Signature of Red Jasper, Labradorite, Essences of Sophia, Clear Channel, & Initiated Masculine (King, Warrior & Lover), F# Quartz Singing Bowl.  Full Moon Aquarius, 8/13/19, Solo Tantric Ritual. 
Frankincense & rose infused brandy, raw honey & spring water base. 1 oz

We are living out the dying breath of toxic masculinity, which twists the power of the sacred Word into destruction, not creation. The energy of the Christos itself was never meant to be dogma, but a living water of love to quench the thirst, warm the bones and illuminate the heart light of each weary soul it touches. 

Patriarchy tried to rob us of this sacred masculine energy, but it cannot be contained. It is rising up within so many of us, and the deeper we root into Sophia, into the very matter that has been slandered as inert, sinful, and base, the more we are filled with this heart light, and it pours out of us as a blessing, an ecstasy, an offering.

Kenosis is this sacred emptying, practiced by Jesus, Mary Magdalene and mystics across time and cultures. It is the inclusion of all parts of ourselves that have been rejected, and the refinement of fear, doubt, and hate into trust, surrender, and a passionate but tender love.

Kenosis is the ancient tantric practice of filling and emptying, of rejecting nothing and transforming all experience back into its essential radiance. 

This elixir was created in solo tantric ritual during the Full Moon in Aquarius. It unites and integrates my Initiated Masculine essences of King, Warrior and Lover with Clear Channel (the radiance of Christ light), and grounds it all into the embodied wisdom of Sophia. I used an F# quartz singing bowl (heart chakra) to elevate and deepen the energy, and included the energy signature of Red Jasper and Labradorite. 

Christos ~ Kenosis is medicine to call the Divine Masculine home, into a generative, loving relationship with the feminine and all life on Earth. It brings protection, vibrancy and endurance; stimulates health and rebirth; increases our sensitivity to the consciousness of the Earth and the matter of our bodies. 

This elixir supports us to fill up with divine energy in a way that is healthy and pleasurable for our body, and to use that energy to make right what has caused harm, whether is is within ourselves or without. This is a generous energy, one that will nourish and fill us; from this filled up place our love can generously, ecstatically, pour forth into the world.


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