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Clear Sight Essence

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Brigid's Fire Collection

Clear Sight Essence
Energy Signature of 
White Rose, Shasta Daisy, Dandelion, Pink Tourmaline, Adularia Moonstone, Larimar, Silver, Water from Lourdes & Chalice Well.

Rose/lemon peel infused vodka, raw honey & spring water base. 1 oz


To see clearly is to experience reality directly, to allow veils and filters to fall away. We must see from the aliveness of our body, the clarity of our spirit, the love of our heart and the intelligence of our mind. Clear Sight helps us step into the clear seeing of a matter, as a whole and not just the parts. It helps us see ourselves and reality ‘as we are’, not with cruelty but with a loving maturity and aliveness, so that we may live, love and act from that clarity.  Instead of searching to see how the parts fit together, we can synthesize and perceive the higher level mandala of the whole, which frees us from reacting so that we may respond instead.