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Dark Moon Void Intensive

Dark Moon Void Intensive

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We can feel it in our bones--the quieting of the Earth.

We smell it on the wind, and we dream of the quiet, and the dark.

Now is the time for magic.

To release and compost that which is no longer ours to carry.

To gather seeds, and vision what is next to unfold.

To sit in the Mystery, the Womb-Void.

It is the season to welcome the Dark.


As individual practitioners, it can be challenging to step into a deeper practice on our own.

Add in the stress of the last years, and we may find ourselves looking at our altar, longing to dive in but challenged by isolation.

Additionally, we can carry vestiges of fear leftover from living in a white supremacist patriarchal dominant culture that paints the Dark as evil and dangerous.

In the simplest terms, the Void is Source.  And Source is a neutral place, available for release, regeneration, resting and dreaming.

 Together we approach her with playful curiosity, with respect, and with love.

Together we attune to the season and the flow of the Moon through her faces, making ready for the quiet of Winter by tending to our harvest and regeneration.


This circle welcomes all genders and lineages of magic makers and medicine carriers.  

As an intensive, this circle is not a beginner's how-to, but a potent container, community and invitation to dive into your own practice in new and inspired ways.  

We begin October 29th (note date change), and will gather for 5 consecutive Saturdays from 12-1:30 via Zoom.  

Each week one or both of us will go live in the Facebook group on the moon quarter days, creating space for spontaneous ritual, questions, and playfulness.

Two of our circles will be cacao ceremonies, working with rare cacao from Cuatro Manos y Cinco Volcanes. 

Each participant will receive a ritual kit including 

Payment options:  1 x $555 or 2 x $285


Your Facilitators:

Nicole Concepcion is the creative curandera, weaving stories and channeling creativity from beyond the realms into this one. She works as an artist, ancestor oracle, ceremonial cacao facilitator and seasonal alchemist. Descending from an unbroken line of curanderismo across, she identifies as an Afro-Latinx and invites all of humanity to reconnect with deeper levels of intimacy, trust and lineage.


Ursula Goulet is a somatic coach for sexual empowerment and pleasure, ceremonial cacao facilitator, and ritual herbalist.  She weaves an extensive background in birth work, biodynamic craniosacral, plant medicine, erotic intelligence, queer wisdom, and the wise woman traditions of her European heritage.  As a queer femme, she invites all people to step beyond the strictures of binary ideas of gender, sexuality and embodiment to embrace their full humanity.