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Grief, Rage & Empowerment Ritual Kit

Grief, Rage & Empowerment Ritual Kit

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We are living in deeply challenging times.  What do we do with all that we see, feel and know?


How do we navigate personal and collective loss, the sorrow and grief, the anger and rage?


How do we make space for these big feelings to move through us, to be medicine not poison?


How do we move from broken hearts drowning in despair, to hearts broke open with love?


We must find ways for grief to flow, to express, to be shared.  We must know that our grief is love, love with nowhere to go that it can land, so we must pour it forth into the blue sky and the green earth.


We must find ways to let our fires cleanse us, to own our anger and rage, to know that it is part of our agency, and to embrace it as part of our power.


And we must hold this tender human body, this heart, this soul, as the radiant expression of the sacred.  We are here, in our humanity, to know belonging, to embrace radical self love, to share our medicine with each other and the world.


To honor this complex emotional and spiritual landscape, we work with 3 sacred energies and their medicine: 

The Sophia, Hearts Broken Open essence creates space for the expression and flow of grief, to ground in love, and to find our courage even as we are faced with despair and frustration.    Read Sophia's full description here.


The Lilith, Sacred Non-Compliance essence grounds us deeply in our bodies and the body of the Earth, connecting us to the power of our creative, erotic energies as a source of power.  She helps us deeply align with what we know to be true and good, worthy of fighting for, and helps us release old patterns that no longer serve, while also protecting us from negative energy sent our way.    Read Lilith's full description here.


Radiance Oil works with the medicine of frankincense and rose to connect us to the sacredness of our flesh and bone, the way that we are here to be love in action, to know ourselves and each other and all our relations in a good way.  To anoint with this oil is to affirm the inherent goodness of our body and being, no matter the difficulty and doubts we face.  Read Radiant's full description here

Together, these medicines can create a synergy in our heart and soul to free us of stagnation, make space for honest expression, and connect us to our power and beauty.



This kit also includes access to the Grief, Rage & Empowerment: Soul Mothering Solstice Circle on June 18th.  All details, including zoom info, how to bring a friend for free, and suggestions for preparing for circle are included in the PDF you will download after purchasing.  I will add the recording of the circle to the download after the circle has passed, as this is on-going medicine we need.