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Healing the Lilith Wound ~ free download

Healing the Lilith Wound ~ free download

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Here's the deal--if you've found your way to me and my work, there's some things that are probably true about you:

  • You're here for liberation--feminist, anti-racist, queer and trans safety and freedom, reparations and land back.  
  • You know that pleasure is good, that there's power in embodying your sexuality and expressing your desire.
  • And, you can't always close the gap between what you want to embody and express, even though you know it would bring more vitality and goodness into your life.


Our bodies carry wounds, and the strategies we have learned to navigate staying alive in a world that often actively works against our existence.

The body absorbs messages and beliefs that cannot be replaced only by thinking differently.

The gap between what we believe, and what our body knows, often causes us to self-sabotage the positive steps toward intimacy, connnection, and pleasure we want to take, because we have not (yet) learned new ways to hold those tender and vulnerable parts of ourselves.

The good news--we can and do learn new ways that are courageous and create coherence within our body and mind.

There is a wound we carry within us, what I call the Lilith Wound.  It is the nexus of the ways patriarchy, and ensuing forms of repression, have turned our wild, powerful, erotic essence against us.

In Jewish folklore, Lilith was the first wife of Adam, and made equally out of earth by Jehovah.  When Adam says she must 'lie beneath him', aka submit her body/sex/power to him, she rebels and flees paradise.

The mythology paints her as a demon, a succubus who seduces men in the night, steals their 'seed' to impregnate herself, suffocates babies in the cradle, and births a 1000 demon children a day.  

The most insidious oppression is the one we have internalized about ourselves, the ways we have been made to believe that we are less than, sinful, a danger to ourselves and others.

Lilith's story encapsulates the turning of the wild, of the erotic, the passionate, the untameable power of the Earth and our bodies, against ourselves.

And this is the place that if we can heal, if we can unlock the wild wisdom, we gain our freedom, our pleasure, and our power.


Get access to the reading of this masterclass/circle where we dive into:

  • What's really happening when you can't move forward, and how you can shift that through a deepening of relationship.
  • Why 'titrating' practices are more effective and accessible when we want to transform our relationship to pleasure and intimacy.
  • What your Pleasure Compass is, and why it is a source of wisdom that can guide you better than scarcity and fear.

This message is for all women, and the people who love them.


You will immediately able to access the recording from a link in the digital download.