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Hekate Ritual Kit

Hekate Ritual Kit

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Sensual & Sovereign Collection

Hekate Ritual Kit

A collaboration between the Art & Sex Witch & Apothecary for the Soul

Hekate is the Queen of Witches, and her medicine supports us to come into full alignment and pleasurable embodiment with our ‘power within’.  

The Hekate Ritual Kit includes:

Pattern of Imbalance:

  • Disconnect from magic
  • Difficulty being fully embodied
  • Challenge in communicating from full truth 
  • Conflicted relationship with power

Pattern of Regeneration:

  • In flow with your magic
  • Pleasurable embodiment of full self
  • Loving, clear & powerful communication
  • Right relationship with power within

See below for full descriptions of each potion, download a PDF of this info here, and get inspired about how to use your ritual kit from the Apothecary here.



Hekate: Embodied Magic Flower & Gem Essence Elixir

Energy signature of Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis), Lemon Verbena (Verbena officinalis), Amaranth (Amaranthus hypochondriacus), Calendula (Calendula officinalis), Obsidian, Quartz, Labradorite, Witches’ Broom Kyanite. Solar Eclipse in Virgo, Dark Moon to New Moon, Mercury Retrograde.  Vanilla-cinnamon-clove infused brandy.

Hekate heals the rift between magic and embodiment. So many of us have 

experienced fear of actualizing the fullness of our power, from the negative imprints we carry from our personal experience, family lineage and cultural memory.  But the suppression of self in order to feel safe in our bodies causes stasis, dis-ease, and even depression.  Hekate invites us back into our bodies, to live in the warmth and radiance of our flesh and blood, as we step up to wield our power within with moderation, clarity and love.  

This essence brings us back into our body and assists the alignment of our emotional, mental, physical, etheric and spiritual selves.  We remember the inherent connection between our individual self,  our higher self and the spirit world. The Hekate essence stimulates clarity, creativity, intuition and overall psychic ability, while stabilizing, protecting and cleansing our energy field of negative energy.  

We are guided along our path of magic by the capacity for honest, loving self-reflection and an understanding of how to heal and mature, all the while being rooted in the heart of the Earth. Body and soul are nourished and strengthened, so that we may persevere and navigate change. We learn to wield our words, and power, with love and moderation, for the benefit of ourselves, all living creatures, and the world, without fear.

The Christos: Frankincense Ritual Honey

Local Raw Honey, Frankincense (Boswellia spp.) Infused MCT Coconut Oil (oleo-resin), Elixirs of Clear Channel; The King; The Lover; The Warrior.  Waxing moon, Holy Week 2018.

The potential of the Sacred Word to create and heal the world through love: this is what we invoke with this ritual honey. 

An anointing of the tongue so that our communication can be filled with light, this honey carries a particular healing for the masculine in all of us: that we may move from the immature and entitled to the initiated and potent.  

To speak from the Christos, from the initiated and exalted masculine, is to seed the world with power and love, in a respectful, dynamic and juicy dance with the divine feminine. 

Suggested Use: A taste on the tongue before writing, speaking, prayer and ritual, to bring presence, clarity, love and calm to all communication.

Hekate Sacred Smoke Blend

Wildcrafted mugwort Leaf & Stem, Yerba Santa Leaf*, Patchouli Leaf, Mullein, Dandelion Leaf*, Peppermint*.   *Organic.  For use with charcoal rounds.

Hekate is queen of the witches. She is the Greek goddess of magick and witchcraft, of the night and the moon. This blend is created to deepen your relationship to your own magick.

You may use it as an incense to clear your space or your body before magickal work (get that smoke everywhere!).  You may also use the smoke as an offering to Hekate.