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Inanna Essence: Sexual Sovereignty

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Sensual & Sovereign Collection
TLDR:  You want to embody your sensual and sexual radiance, healing and releasing trauma, and moving through the world with passionate embodiment.  I give you Inanna, Sexual Sovereignty
Inanna: Sexual Sovereignty
Energy signature of Naked Lady Lily (Amaryllis belladona), Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Silver & Gold.  Sun in Leo, Waxing Moon in Scorpio.
Hibiscus-rose infused vodka, raw honey & spring water base.  1 oz.  

Inanna reconnects us to our inner Queen, the one who shines from the fire of her soul, the one who delights in the erotic pulse moving through her and all of life.

With Inanna as our ally and teacher we remember to walk tall, to own our inherent value, yet remain intimately connected with the beauty and simplicity of everyday life.

We release the accumulated negative constructs of our sex- and body-negative culture, opening to our inherent radiance and sacredness.  Our perception increases, our communication is enhanced, and our Yes and No become clear and steady.

Lunar and solar energies are balanced. Our spiritual development is integrated with our sexual and sensual expression, to bring the beauty and healing power of the sacred feminine into direct manifestation in our life and the world.