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Magdalene-Sophia The Beloved Essence

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Embodied Feminine Collection

Magdalene-Sophia the Beloved 
Energy Signature of Red Rose (Rosa spp),  Calla Lily (Zantedeschia aethiopica), Olive (Olea europaea), Gold, Diamond, Pearl, & Garnet.  Good Friday-Easter Sunday 2017, Waning Moon Sagittarius, Venus Direct.
Rose-infused brandy, raw honey & spring water base. 1 oz.


“I trust pleasure to divinely guide me. I reconsecrate my body and heal my relationship with the Earth. I live my joyful truth as a lovesong to the world.”

And now she turns to face us directly--the fully embodied sacred feminine. Through her fire and her water, our bodies, our Earth, our blood has been blessed, reconsecrated, re-membered into a new wholeness. The holy erotic energy of life flows through us. Toxicity is purified, our channel clear and our hearts open and ready.

Magdalene-Sophia The Beloved healing elixir was made over Easter weekend 2017, from Good Friday to Easter Sunday morning. It captures the transformational love and devotion that allows us to stand in the fires of grief and ecstasy.  True love isn’t a mushy, fluffy thing--it is fierce, tender, selfless and wild. It will burn down all it knows to stand in the dawn of a greater truth, throw itself in front of the bus to save the child or lover, and tear off its long cherished armor for the singular chance to touch and be touched. Mary Magdalene is the embodiment of this love, the Beloved of Yeshua whose devotion was steady through ecstasy and grief.  

Her essence guides us into greater alignment. Seven red roses for seven chakras aligns our personal will with divine will, and integrates the creative, revitalizing power of the erotic into every aspect of ourselves, as we were meant to be. Calla Lily brings our masculine and feminine into harmony, so that we create an inner marriage of love, devotion and right orientation to sexuality unique to our soul. Olive brings rest and rejuvenation--profound support for soul exhaustion as we navigate the depths of embodiment and being.  

Crystals bring both clarity and groundedness. Gold allows our inherent beauty to come forth--literally, our personal radiance--simultaneously mobilizing our intrinsic potential and balancing our energy fields. Diamond strengthens our ability to act in alignment with divine purpose and nourishes our courage as we are faced with challenges. Diamond also balances all aspects of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self. Pearl enhances personal integrity and stimulates a purity of body and mind so that we embody a clear channel to receive deeper levels of spiritual guidance and wisdom. Garnet is a stone of health that extracts negative energy from chakras, transmutes it to a beneficial state, and produces expansiveness in awareness and enhances one’s inner fire. Additionally, garnet stimulates kundalini from both the base and the crown chakras, providing for a free flow of movement, and nourishes our commitment--to our purpose, others, and self.  

To embody the Beloved is to allow Life as it moves through us to empty us out--we become the hollow reed, able to conduct the essence of love, the vitality of eros and the groundedness of devotion so that we become living instruments of Spirit/God/Goddess.  To be hollowed out means to welcome and learn to constructively work with our grief, our anger, our joy, our ecstasy (yes, it can be as difficult to fully welcome ecstasy as grief).  This essence supports us through that hard work, rejuvenating body and soul, imparting a sense of well-being, and cultivating a capacity to create conditions that support deep rest and renewal as well as pleasure and ecstasy.