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Grounding Salt

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Radiant Human Collection

Pattern of Imbalance: 

  • Dissociative or spacey
  • Difficulty focusing in present moment
  • Disorganized sense of self & world
  • Overwhelm or fear during plant medicine ceremony or other intense healing work

Pattern of Regeneration: 

  • Your spirit is grounded & affirmed in your body
  • Ability to focus in the present while staying expansively connected to All That Is
  • Emergence of organic organization in service to healing, creativity & connection
  • Elevated sense of calm & trust despite intensity or uncertainty


The transmission for these salts came in during plant medicine ceremony with the Mushrooms.  They showed me that a little salt on the tongue during intense moments of ceremony (only as allowed in any particular tradition; please do not go against the wisdom of your medicine carrier), healing & life transitions brings grounded and a sense of organic coherence even as we are letting go of all that needs to be dissolved.  

The Grounding Salt formula includes rosemary for embodiment, rose for love and tenderness, honeysuckle for carrying the past lightly as we are present in the moment, and frankincense to affirm the inherent divinity of our flesh and blood.


Possible uses: During moments of intensity & overwhelming fear in ceremony; when feeling spacey or disassociative; to ground and complete a healing session, ritual or big conversation; to focus your thoughts and energy before creative work.


Also found in the Soul Mothering Ritual Kit.