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Opening to Love ~ Cacao & Craniosacral

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Most of us have been programmed to navigate by fear, until we find ourselves so locked in narrow ways of relating to and perceiving the world that we are closed down to the actual and available goodness, intimacy and warmth we desire.

It can feel impossible to see how things can change--how we can change--from this stuckness.

The good news:  underneath that suffering is an invitation to slow down and come home to ourselves and the body of the Earth.

Ceremony is this slowing down.

Ceremony is the space to tend to body, mind, and essence, and our connections to all our relations.

And in this space we have the opportunity and support to open to the medicine of love, both tender and fierce.

It is the deepest medicine we can offer each other and ourselves.

This offering of love weaves two of my most beloved medicines, cacao and biodynamic craniosacral work:

Cacao is a deeply nourishing medicine to bring our prayers to, helping us to ground and expand in proportion as we open our hearts to the flow of love.

Cacao is a non-entheogenic (not psychedelic) plant medicine; we work with cacao from Cuatro Manos Y Cinco Volcanes Farm which is:

  • The only ceremonial cacao being grown on the Big Island of Hawaii,  carrying the potent energy of active volcanic land
  • The rarest cacao in the world
  • Child and slave labor free 
  • BIPOC/queer/woman owned
  • Handmade in limited batches

Biodynamic Craniosacral Work is a a form of clothes-on bodywork that uses a gentle, cradling touch to work with the whole body while resting on a massage table. 

Craniosacral Work supports:

  • Nervous system regulation (from fight/flight/freeze/fawn to rest and digest)
  • The unwinding, release, and integration of held experience and trauma without having to rehash the 'story' through words that can't always get to the root within
  • Space for body and soul to rest and revitalize--one friend calls it "The best nap I never took"
  • The exploration of embodiment and what it feels like for you to be a home in in your skin with ease and warmth


The Opening to Love session includes:

  • A 15 minute phone/zoom consult to presence your prayers and to connect before our in-person time
  • A 2 hour in-person ceremony in my Oakland healing space that includes cacao in the world from the Cuatro Manos Y Cinco Volcanes Farm, healing craniosacral work, and other ritual tools
  • The opportunity to be witnessed in your story, be smoke cleansed and blessed, speak your prayers/intentions with cacao, and receive healing touch that attunes mind/body/essence to the vibration of love
  • Recommendations for further work together, integrating & deepening home practice suggestions, plant medicines to explore, and any pertinent referrals.
  • A 15 minute integration call/zoom and/or text support in the week or so after your ceremony


This work is open to all genders, and I expressly welcome queer/trans folks to this work as a safe place to be your fully fabulous and evolving self.

While available as a single session, this work is a powerful way to be held and resourced through a passage of your life, and packages of 3, 6, 9, or 13 are available.

I have a limited amount of initial session available at a base cost of my 2 hour craniosacral sesion plus the cacao medicine, $265. 

When you pay for your session, you will download a PDF that includes information about cacao, ceremony preparation, and the link to schedule your session when you are ready.  

You are this love.  This is the invitation to remember that, with pleasure and grace, inside all of your being.

See you in the circle.