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Pleasure Compass:  Introducing the Wisdom of Your Desire

Pleasure Compass: Introducing the Wisdom of Your Desire

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So often we are taught to navigate life from a place of fear.  But what would become possible if we could trust our desire as a source of wisdom?

To experience pleasure means we are experiencing enough safety and connection to open to intimacy and the flow of life.

Safety and connection mean we can access so much more of the fullness of ourselves, our beloveds, and the world.

Learning to tend to both our wounds and to lean into our desire develops our Pleasure Compass, our somatic inner knowing of wisdom and eros.

This January,  join us as we activate, explore, and strengthen our Pleasure Compass:

Week 1 ~ Your Connective Magic Rhythm.  

  • Find and deepen your grounding into the Earth that holds you
  • Attune to the rhythms of the natural world
  • Reweave the sacred/sensual in everyday life

Week 2 ~ Come Home to the Body

  • Making space for what is with tenderness, compassion, and courage
  • Creating intimacy with ourselves
  • Holding our pleasure and our pain

Week 3 ~ Erotic Vitality

  • Nourishing Eros as life force
  • Exploring open-ended sensual exploration
  • Celebrating our erotic essence


Week 4 ~ Euphoria

  • Embodying and expressing our radiant, sensual selves
  • Anchoring our pleasure compass
  • Leaning into our erotic edges


This class welcomes women of all sexualities and LGBTQIA+ folks of all genders.


We begin Thursday, January 5th, meeting for 4 evenings via Zoom from 6-8 Pacific:

1/5, 1/12, 1/19, 1/26


(If this day does not work for you, I am also teaching this circle for all women through The Body Electric School on 4 Wednesdays starting 1/18)


To increase accessibility, there are 3 payment possibilities:

Rooting: Working towards stability, $99

Grounded:  Stable and resourced, $199

Flourishing:  Abundant and stable, $299