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Earth Star Essence

Earth Star Essence

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Radiant Human Collection

Earth Star Elixir
Cannabis Sativa Flower Essence*.  Neptune-Saturn Square 2015. Rose infused brandy. 1 oz.


The night before I made this essence (a spontaneous, inspired opportunity), I was spending the night in a friend’s yurt in the woods in Northern California when I had a vision. In that half-asleep state, I found that the crown of my head was open to the stars, one continuous stream of energy and connection.  It was not an opening so much as a remembering that we are indeed one with this cosmic energy, that we are made of stardust and their wisdom has never left us.  The next day, when I had the opportunity to create this essence, I knew that the spirit of the cannabis plant had been communicating with and preparing me for this creation.

Cannabis essence reminds us that even as we are of the Earth, we are of the Stars as well, strengthening our Cosmos-Body connection and bringing in the nourishment and wisdom of the heavens. This essence eases the transition from our active/awake mind to our resting/dreaming mind, assisting us in accessing the opening power of the plant without physical side effects  Cannabis essence also assists in ‘clear seeing’ in our day to day life, so that we may live, love, create and communicate from this place of clarity and peacefulness.

Made during the last run of the Saturn-Neptune square that’s been happening since October 2015.

*A friendly reminder that flower essences are energy medicine and contain none of the physical constituents of the plant.