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Attune Essence

Attune Essence

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Radiant Human Collection

Attune Elixir
Witches Broom Kyanite Gem Essence & Chalice Well ‘Power’ Essence
Full Moon Eclipse in Pisces
Base of rose-infused brandy, raw honey & spring water. 1 oz


We have come to a point in our collective and individual human existence where old patterns and ways of being will no longer do, full stop.  And yet, it is human to consciously and unconsciously cling to the ways we know, simply because what is known is comfortable.  The Attune Elixir, incorporating Witches Broom Kyanite with the ‘Power’ essence from the Chalice Well in Glastonbury, created under a Full Moon Pisces Eclipse, is the perfect ally for upleveling body, mind and spirit with the new ways of love and respect that are already coming in but need a critical mass to stabilize and flourish.  We can make the deep and enduring shifts necessary to heal the fear and destruction

The Attune Elixir helps us to reset to a higher vibration. It aligns all chakras, brings tranquility and clarity, stimulates communication and psychic awareness on all levels. This elixir helps us to persevere, overcoming illusions, revealing our truth and purpose, and providing stimulating energy to continue taking right action.  Dispelling anger, frustration and energy blockages, Attune clears the way for the energies of love and compassion to fill and guide us.