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Cailleach Essence: Earth Power Rising

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Cailleach Essence: Earth Power Rising

Energy signature of Pine Cone (Pinus ponderosa), Oak/Acorn (Quercus), Serpentine, Desert Rose, Green Ocean Jasper, Quartz, Jasper.  Samhain New Moon.
Vanilla-cinnamon-clove infused brandy, raw honey & spring water base. 1 oz

Only when the lotus seed is planted in the mud will it bloom--and only when we root these human selves in our Mother Earth will we flourish and live in harmony.

The Cailleach essence is about remembering ourselves as actual children of the Earth, allowing her energy to move through us, and knowing that it is our inherent nature to be instruments of healing and protection because of our interconnectedness with all of life.  

This essence brings a cleansing of shame, judgement and criticism that often holds us back, as well as nourishing a positive, balanced strength that carries great endurance but knows its limits, including the wisdom of surrender.  It gently supports the rise of our own kundalini (spinal energy envisioned as a snake by yogic practitioners), clearing blockages, increasing the flexibility of our nature and dissolving self-imposed programming.  

The Cailleach nourishes, protects, aligns and balances us, and tunes us into the slower, deeper rhythms of life so that we may live and act in power, ignited by her powerful, nourishing energy.

This essence is most effective when we incorporate regular acts of grounding ourselves in the Earth and connecting to nature, for instance, while meditating visualizing ourselves literally rooted in the Earth, walking barefoot on the ground, spending time outside, even just a few minutes, consciously tuning in to that slower vibration.

“The healing power of the Earth moves through me.  I am sustained and nourished, an instrument of protecting and healing all life on this planet.”