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Sophia, Hearts Broken Open Essence

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Radiant Human Collection


TLDR:  You're struggling with despair, overwhelm, heartbreak, and confusion about how to show up in a world filled with heartbreak.  This essence brings the courage, groundedness and wisdom to embrace living in the world with understanding that our grief is our love.  I give you, Sophia, Hearts Broken Open.


Energy Signature of Havasupai Quartz, Carnelian, Rose Quartz, Black Tourmaline, & Obsidian, F# Quartz Singing Bowl, 1 oz in a base of rose & frankincense infused brandy, raw honey & spring water.  Dark Moon in Cancer July 31 2019, Women’s Grief Ritual


We are living with heartache. But it is the heartache of a great wound being revealed in all its faces--within each of our bodies, and the Earth. 

This is Sophia, waking up. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.

So how do we learn how to function, and even thrive, as we are touched by personal and global tragedies? How do we hold the larger overview of the possibility of actual alchemical evolution with the real pain of loss and violence?

Sophia is the Soul of the World. She is inside and out, she is the waking Earth and our waking wisdom bodies.  If Christ light is an example of heart chakra energy, then imagine Sophia as the flesh, bone and dirt the Christos must be rooted in.

The way forward and through this possibility of rebirth is with our hearts broken open. Not numb, not martyred, embracing rest as an important tool, claiming agency, finding resilience, acting from deep love for self, community, Earth. 

The elixir Sophia ~ Hearts Broken Open, was made July 2019 during the Dark Moon in Cancer during a women’s ritual to embrace Sophia and open the grief channel. Using an F# quartz singing bowl holding Havasupai quartz, rose quartz, carnelian, obsidian and black tourmaline in spring water, each woman rang the bowl as she began her share, and again when complete.

Like with anger, western culture lacks adequate ritual to express our grief, and so it can stagnate in body and soul. But grief is love, love that lost its way to go. We need all of our love to flow into the world, into each other, and back into our own hearts, a dynamic infinite loop. This essence brings the courage, resilience and groundedness to look honestly within ourselves and the world, finding the places hiding in shame, sorrow and overwhelm, to transform with love into strength. It nourishes, comforts and brings compassion and unconditional love; supports a deeper alignment with truth; helps us see the bigger picture; and inspires us to stay the course. This elixir protects us from negative and destructive energies coming at us, as well as dissolving those energies we hold inside us as patterns and thoughts.


~ Also part of the Radiance Ritual Kit ~