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Soul Mothering Ritual Kit.

Soul Mothering Ritual Kit.

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Radiant Human Collection

The Soul Mothering Ritual Kit includes:


Pattern of Imbalance:

  • Coping mechanisms & survival patterns triggered
  • Anxiety, depression, overwhelm due to personal & collective uncertainty
  • Loss of ground; sense of swimming in chaos
  • Difficulty in navigating with clarity from a centered space


Pattern of Regeneration:

  • Capacity to nourish, regulate & release as deep self care
  • Compassion, deeper faith, & nurturing of new patterns of connection
  • Expanded capacity to navigate uncertainty & establish new ground
  • Centered in the 'storm'; grounded in body & Earth


We are in the midst of getting squeezed in the Great Cosmic Birth Canal--and it's not easy!  The world as we have known it is slipping away and we are faced full on with the suffering of oppression, disconnection and fear as the full impact on humanity and all life is being revealed.

 However, we also feel the possibility of the new, the emergence of what could be, how sweet the air might smell, taste and feel in a world where we centered interdependence, generative practices, soul beauty, and love as action and presence.  

 The question is, how do we navigate the real stress of our everyday life while offering ourselves sincere and down to earth nourishment of body and soul?

We must turn to the most ancient wisdom of body and Earth--the cycle of birth, death and rebirth.  Which sounds like a lot, but is really about accepting that we are always bringing forth what is new, letting go that which is no longer ours to carry, and emerging in deeper essence. 

Practically, we can look at what helps us to:

  • Nourish
  • Regulate
  • Release

 All of the potions in this kit combine to support this trinity of self care with ease and pleasure. 

The *open secret* is that by tending with love and sensitivity the wound, it becomes the portal for our rebirth.  The places we hold trauma in our body and soul inherently hold a piece of our soul that is asking to come forth and be integrated into the whole of our being, and by learning to feed our soul with beauty we make space for all the hungry parts of ourselves to have a place at the table.

The Great Mother Essence provides foundational support of unconditional regenerative, grounding love.  

Loving Boundaries Essence offers the embodied wisdom and resources to have the space, safety, self-knowledge, compassion, and love to have healthy relationships with ourselves and others.

Clear Sight Essence helps us hold the expansive mandala of the big picture as we tend to detail with loving clarity.

Heart's Ease Honey calms and comforts body and soul through tough times.

Dona Clara's Smoke Cleansing Blend helps us tend to the energy of our space so that we have a clear and clean energy field to live, love and work inside of.

Grounding Salts invoke and affirm our emerging deeper organic organization of mind/body/soul in service to mutual healing.

Download a full guide & description of kit here.


The essences in this kit come in a delicious base of rose-infused brandy, raw honey & spring. 1 oz each essence, 4 oz jars of honey/salts/herbs.