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The Great Mother Goddess Essence

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Sensual & Sovereign Collection
TLDR:  You’re struggling with exhaustion, overwhelm, sadness, despair.  You take care of so much and so many, but don’t feel rooted or sourced yourself.  You need a connection to something greater than yourself, a sense of being held through great change, the nourishment of the Earth and the Dicons Feminine  in all her forms and faces.  I give you, the Great Mother Goddess.

The Great Mother Essence
Energy Signature of Rosemary, Cecile Brunner Rose (bud, bloom, hip & dried), Rose Quartz & Black Tourmaline.   New Moon Aries, March 2020
Rose infused brandy, raw honey & spring water base. 1 oz.


Pattern of Imbalance:  Disconnected or disassociated; cold/numb; self-hatred; judgemental; inner critic; co-dependent or conditional love; old, stuck or foreign energy.

Pattern of Regeneration: Embodied & grounded; warmth; vitality; self-compassion, love & tenderness; interdependence; unconditional love; in flow; Divine Mother love; trust in the cycle of birth/death/rebirth in connection to all life


Nourish - Regulate - Release  


The Great Mother Essence was channeled on the New Moon in Aries in March 2020, right when the seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic was hitting home.  The medicine of the Great Mother is a foundational healing and nourishing of our connection to the body, the Earth and each other. 

As we navigate the intense chrysalis of social upheaval, economic uncertainty, illness, and the deep missing of community, the Great Mother offers Her medicine of helping us to know what needs nourishing, how to regulate, and what to release, as we reconnect ourselves to the cycle of birth/death/rebirth.  

This essence is a perfect ally for any uncertainty you're navigating, for working with the underlying needs of your coping strategies to bring real healing, and to find your ground in the midst of change.  It is supportive of all work to heal trauma, combining gentleness with returning a sense of safety to the body and releasing what's no longer needed. 


The Great Mother Essence is also part of the Soul Mothering Ritual Kit