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The King Essence

The King Essence

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Initiated Masculine Collection

TLDR: Antidote to toxic masculine power over; Embodying positive qualities of masculine leadership in service to life; embodying sovereignty and wielding our power for good.  I give you The King, Generative Sovereignty
The King: Generative Sovereignty
Energy Signature of Umbellularia californica (California Bay Laurel), King Stone (Lia Fail, Tara, Ireland), Rose Quartz, Black Tourmaline, & Carnelian. 
Full Moon Cancer.
1 oz, in a base of vanilla & orange peel infused brandy, raw honey & spring water.


Our world is in dire need of mature masculine leadership.  The King essence calls this forth in us, awakening the cellular memory of the time when to become the king was to be wedded to the land, and the land was understood to be the living embodiment of the Divine Feminine or Goddess.  Kingship as such is in service to--not power over--the land, the people, and all living things.  This is generative sovereignty, a sovereignty that brings fertility, blessing, order, beauty, justice and health to the world.  

Inside each of us, we must become free in order to embody this sovereignty. The King essence frees one’s spirit from the virtual imprisonment of one’s thoughts, memories and the learned patterns of subjugation.  Negativity is gently cleared from all chakras and love, calm and clarity are restored.  

This essence stimulates analytic capability, precision and clear seeing, in harmony with love and spirit.  It promotes receptivity to beauty, art and the written word, enlivens the imagination, balances yin-yang, and heals emotional wounds. It protects against envy, fear and rage, and dispels apathy, laziness, and passivity.  

The King essence is the antidote to toxic masculine power.  Where we have abused power, it helps us return to a place of humility and service, righting what we have wronged and moving forward in goodness.  Where we have given away our power it frees us, supports our healing work, and brings us into alignment with our personal generative sovereignty, so that we may wield our power for love and blessing in the world.

The King essence is both grounding, connecting us to our body as well as the center of the Earth, and expansive, helping us to grow in love and service to the beauty of the world.