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The Magdalene Trinity Essences

The Magdalene Trinity Essences

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Embodied Feminine Collection

Magdalene Rising

Marry yourself, here and now.  
Take a vow of non-abandonment, of non-shaming.  
Take a vow of curiosity, and self-pleasure.
Break up every stone you used to build a wall between you and love,
and use the dust to build a temple
to the messy, ecstatic vulnerability of Life.

Reading this, you are charged.  

In the name of love, forgive yourself.

Forgive yourself a hundred times,
and then go out to long for the Moon,
to make love to the Sun,
to drown in the Ocean
and to bury yourself in the Mountain.

I will be there.

I always have.


The Magdalene Trinity was created during the waxing moon in Leo and the once-in-a-lifetime Full Moon in Sagittarius on the Summer Solstice.  This trio supports the loving transformation of the Sacred Feminine as we move from a collective phase of gathering and remembering lost wisdom to integration and action from the center of our embodied being.

Each essence is a synergy of one flower and one gem, creating a vibration distinct from their individual signatures, and since 'love medicine' makes everything go better, they are in a base of rose-infused raw honey and brandy.  The essences can be taken individually or together, and typical dosage is 7 drops on the tongue or in water, 3x day or as intuited.  


"She opens the way to the impossible."
"I am alive in the beauty of the world."
"I take root & my life flowers."


Click on each essence to read the full description.

3 x 1 oz bottles
In a base of rose infused brandy, raw honey, & spring water.